Sunday, August 20, 2006

More theses for monophysites

I mentioned over a month ago that more theses would be added.
But theses, like feces, need to marinate to evolve requisite
piquancy. Relevancy? You be the judge, I'll be the executioner:

3. The law of excluded middle, the philosophical notion that any
proposition must be 'either/or' and never 'and,' applies as well
to the opposition of question and answer. Nothing can be both a
question and an answer, lest it become a 'quanswer,' a fancy
pronunication and spelling of 'cancer.' Something like 'chancre'
for 'canker,' 'chancre' being a portmanteau of 'chance' and 'err,'
which should never potentially be the same thing.

40. Never mention God unless God gives permission. But God never
gives permission. Silence is a god.

42. Some stories have no true beginning or end. These, in fact, invite
us to invent the opening and the closing. Do neither: let breathing
space prevail.

30. I will never reduce myself to ashes. Consequently, the ashes will
never reduce themselves to me. How strange--I was from the dust and to
the dust I would go, if I could go, but I'm tracking mud through this
idea and mud is not on the list.

19. Meaning is overestimated to those who think. Those intellectuals
who tell you otherwise are arranging thoughts and not possibilities.

21. When will the forceps free my head from the memory of my mother's womb?

22. Initiate two contradictory acts at once and you will kill
the populace without violence.

49. Can ideas be contemptuous of their purveyors?

26. When you are walking, go haunting. They want have a ghost of a chance.
--Curley, 2008