Wednesday, December 06, 2006

As Winter At Last Descends

We were taunted by a few balmy days in late November, then winter cracked the whip: now its 34 degrees and no more time off for good (or bad) behavior.

I was visiting some friends in sunny Southern California: smart, literate, people more common in that part of the world than we in the blustery Northeast want to credit. And lo it was warm and dry and there were lemon trees and eucalyptus.

Okay, you have to drive if you live  there. And they might have an earthquake. But if you stop pretending everybody there is dumber than everybody here (it just ain't so), then why, exactly don't we all just go there? It is no fooling to say the weather makes you feel better. Or is that too damn shallow?

Of course it is. But when the wind gets down inside your collar and you're looking at the soggy boots of the person going up the staircase before you on the subway, you might consider getting all shallow in that sun they've got in the land of Schwarzenegger.


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