Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Value of Valery

Recently re-reading some work by the fine Frenchman, Paul Valery. Came across the following piece of prophetic knowledge and thought it merited reiteration. Perhaps it's already being quoted all over but I just came across it after too long. According to Valery:

"Europe visibly aspires to be governed by an American commission. Its entire policy is directed to that end.
Not knowing how to rid ourselves of our history, we will be relieved of it by a fortunate people who have almost none. They are a happy people and they will force their happiness on us."

Watch out, Brussels, the American Empire is on its way. And not only will the Euros succumb to the Happy People, they will also be in company with a mostly tactless people who prattle on about politics during presidential runs, become instant experts on world affairs, and then hibernate for four more years, cherishing their Democratic and Republican parties. Happy, stupid people. ---Jameson (Curley's kid brother/bother)