Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Literacy & Idiocy Part II

The idiocy in this culture is critically endemic; not sure about the literacy but today's holiday merits a response, a rebuttal, a kerosene-wetted, upside-down flag. Are American citizens truly reading the writing on the walls? There is very little to celebrate if you sit down and read the history books or scratch the topical air for the residual stains of empirical evidence. Empirical--empire...a sad, bloated beast is good ol' America, a clumsy moloch lacking stomach enzymes to sate itself, therefore eating as much of the world as it deems fit for its voracious regimen/regime. Americans, be proud, tho' pride is a sin, and maintain your one noble consistency, the triumvirate of piety, preciousness, and paranoia...and be done with you.

written & conceived by: j. curley/m. scriblerus/k. o'farrell/& newcomer Stan Johnson....