Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey Joe, Where You Goin' with that McCain Pamphlet in Your Hand?

Joe the Plumber? As they say on SNL: "Really?... Really?"

The so-called plumber is a real person, but a fictional creation born of the rather casual interplay between fact and wishfulness that has become a hallmark of the hapless McCain campaign.

Joe has been touted by McCain as representative of the average middle-American McCain wants to help, but here is what we know today about Joe:

He is not a licensed plumber. He is not a member of the plumber's union. He does not make anywhere near $250K per year and therefore would qualify (in all likelihood) for a tax cut under Obama's plan. He would like to buy the business? Who knows. Who cares.

Also, he says he doesn't like the idea of Social Security. That sure puts him in the mainstream! He also appears to owe some back taxes, and has a couple of leins against him. Good, solid citizen, this Joe.

I'd offer him a break; except that he mentioned he'd long thought he'd been raised in the South, but then found out he'd been born in Toledo--and that he was annoyed to find out he was a "Yankee".

This annoys the American in me. I remember we lost about 600,000 of our countrymen defeating secessionists who actually wanted to die for the sake of enslaving other human beings. And this misinformed McCainiac thinks it's okay to claim he's upset he's not the rightful spawn of these losers?

To the world, all Americans are Yankees. Can you imagine if an Obama supporter said he was sorry to learn he was an American (of any type)? Why is it ever okay for the right to talk about "Yankees" and "The East Coast" as if they don't owe us every bit of loyalty they claim to owe any other American?

Who are these benighted nincompoops trying to claim the flag belongs to them, even while wishing they could fly the rebel flag instead?

Please Joe, go back into hiding before you hurt yourself. You've already made a fool of McCain.