Monday, November 03, 2008

Palin Punked

One day before the election and we've got yet another instance of Sarah Palin's astonishing unpreparedness for high office.

Many of us knew all we needed to know the night of her convention speech--that she was arrogant, small-minded, vituperative, and frighteningly good at roiling a vicious crowd.

Many more of us found out later that she was also, apparently, not-so-bright (thanks to Katie Couric): apparently the candidate had never read a periodical.

Now comes news that she was punked into thinking she was talking to President Sarkozy of France while actually talking to a couple of prank comedians from Quebec. She had a grand old time reassuring the pranksters that she'd be a good shot if they went helicopter-hunting with her; and didn't seem to find it odd that they suggested they had spoken to the PM of Quebec (which has none).

What if she becomes President and then Putin rears his head via a phone call? He tells her he is proud to announce that he will be marching into Washington with the Russian army and that she will be declared Tsarina of the Russian-American Federation. She says (as she did with "Sarkozy"), "Thanks so much, we are so proud and happy that you called."

And then she would tell the Army to stand-down 'cause doggone-it, those Russians have gone and made friends with us and have promised to help us figure out that pesky "human rights" thing we keep hearing about.

Say good-night, Sarah!