Wednesday, June 03, 2009


My personal computer has been on a gradual decline for quite some time. Then the curtains closed or rather the screen went black the other day. I've ordered a new laptop but it hasn't yet arrived; only sporadic access to this machinery has restricted the flow of rhetoric and rant on this here site. So my apologies.

But let's digress and retort and rant...

Kindles, resembling those old toy scribal standbys, Etch-a-Sketch, might one day be used by me but will never meet my books or bookshelves. There's just no reason for them to know one another and upset each other's essential natures...

I love dust jackets, they're like dinner jackets for books, and Kindle lies naked.
How profane.

Pages have splendid threaded textures, Kindle has metallic surface. What's more aesthetically pleasing?

I can write in books and reflect on the comments of my former, naive self. Where should I preserve my marginalia on/in Kindle? In my handwriting? Just some thoughts... J/C