Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I am not one to immerse myself in celebrity death culture but I just heard Karl Malden passed away, close to one hundred in age and whose performances and personality were always 100%. Here's a true cause to mourn--the other folks who are again bringing their hits to the obits, should stand aside for Karl. I can think of few character actors to rival him. Well, one, yes...and he died this year too, but more than three decades younger than Sir Karl. I mean Lux Interior, singer for the psychobilly bad-asses The Cramps. When I saw The Cramps play New Year's Eve 1988, I felt I was attending a religious ceremony; Lux seemed a priest, a black mass-savvy Father Corrigan. You remember Father Corrigan, right? The union-charging priest in ON THE WATERFRONT, played by Karl Malden? Oh, alas, I've succumbed to celebrity death culture--but only for Lux and Karl. Goodnight, fellas, I'll really miss you. J/C