Monday, July 10, 2006

Onset of the Tempest

There can be no post-Renaissance without the initial birth, and summer 2006 is not so much a resurgence but a particular moment of creative vitality. Paradoxically, the life of the arts emboldens even as world culture buckles under paranoia, piety, recalcitrance, and conventionalism. What would the inverse dynamic yield?

That, my friend, is for neither of us to contemplate. Right now, we should keep our eyes on the shadows (yes, the shadows are in fact metaphorical) of occluded and subterranean artistic forces, local and more widespread, which will lead us into the light. Summer 2006 is already in its mezzo-stage: help ignite the shape of things to come now before it* ends. Monsieur, it is high time to buy new blue silk to leash your lobster; Madame, your parasol is on fire!

*"it" refers to the moment, the phenomenon, the desire, the hope, the summer.