Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tariq Ali & Eliot Weinberger at McNally Robinson Booksellers

Friday, 10/20. 7 PM. 52 Prince Street. NYC (212)274-1460

Representing Islam: A Talk by Tariq Ali & Eliot Weinberger

These two fire plugs will discuss (and disclaim about!) representations of Islam in the West and the denigration of the religion and culture of Muslims by international leaders and media. Ali is a terrific rhetorician with a crypto-Marxist perspective and convivial manner. Weingberger, a translator of Octavio Paz and countless other literary masters, is a ranter, enchanter, and raconteur. They will certainly raise your hackles, free you from your shackles, and occasionally force you to elicit cackles. Each is an intellectual with rant and no cant. They will mesmerize you and force you to think delvingly about current affairs, current bigotries, and how to spurn the sore of prejudice currently affecting our citizenry like an incurable disease. The cure is conversation, illustration, and collaboration; all of these elements will be present Friday night.

McNally Robinson Booksellers New York