Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Biblio-Dialogue: Courtesy of Martin Scriblerus with a Nod to Borges & Jabes

A: "Were it possible, books would be born in the mind and reproduce their volumes so that a library would take root there and infinite inner space would create for itself a master text from all constituent volumes."

B: "But doesn't that occur all the time?"

A: "How do you mean?"

B: "We write books with one part of our mind constantly; the other part conspires--and succeeds--in ensuring that each composed piece is erased."

A: "So there are books without paper, pages, bindings, and whatnot?"

B: "But of course. Within the Book of Life is the Book of Lives and within the Book of Lives are the Minds in whose Realms the activity of publishing and self-perishing occurs simultaneously."

A: "What are these books about?"

B: "If we only knew. The mystery grows like all of our miseries. There must be a connection. Were we only fortunate to save just one book from any one person's mind."

A: "If only..."
Martin Scriblerus