Monday, January 22, 2007

Whither the Wither? The Goat in the Machine

As the New Year slouches on its frostbitten feet, worst case scenarios stalk its shadow-- or the shadows of one's thought on the subject. On the literary front, I wonder if we can expect a novel or memoir composed entirely of blogs or e-mail correspondence. Or has this already occurred? I long to see the day when prudish Oxford dictionary makers coin and then impose certain technical terms for computer-related matters and forbid shorthand (the lexical ordinance should be translated into legal justice too; for example, anyone using "lol" would have their forehead branded with that repugnant abbreviation). Oh, yes, speaking of faith and lack thereof, one can now download the entire King James Bible onto a cell phone from a firm in Australia, "translated" into cyber-speak. I hope the Divine concocts another Babelesque scenario for these ugly, errant human beings...Martin Scriblerus