Saturday, February 14, 2009


...And all true poets will steal the artifice of the un-gods and lovers out there, militating against false confections, queasy sentimental attitudes, and Hallmark Holiday tomfoolery. Happy Valentine's Day Massacre! Let the simulated hearts hearkening this day be torn to shreds, pieces, numerous ribbons. Would that all observant Valentiners break up or suffer a night of relationship malaise. To wisely pursue any meaningful development of this 14th of Febuary "occasion," celebrate, no, worship, the Nine Muses and light a sparkler for the White Goddess. You'd at least have the respect of the custodians of the beautiful and well-made. Make art to choke hearts this night and realize it is no coincidence that the co-developer of the Jarvik artificial heart just died just in time for the holiday. I send plaudits and chocolates to his aesthetically astute spirit.... J/C