Sunday, February 22, 2009

The evolution of doodling

Maybe sacrilege, beginning with simple crosses
in the margins of those third grade notebooks 
that were brindled like the maddest cows.  

Next came  the letter M, standing for Me, for my name,
always drawn rearing up, in 3-D, so I could show
what I had learned about shadows falling
across the letter itself.  

High school was all about dollar signs,
even in those blue exam notebooks, a way
for me to say without saying the words
of those days, which were all - I want,
I want, I want.

And now that I'm the man and the kind of man
that has a lot of meetings,  and my notebook
is just so - leatherbound, with a pocket for my cards
and the perfect holster for my pen, I can't draw
anything, since it's laid out on the table for all to see,
so I use the bad handwriting I learned in second grade
to hide the words I write which are -
what the hell are these people talking about today?

Mark Aiello