Tuesday, March 03, 2009


In my honors literature class this morning we began discussing a novel, MOPUS, by Oisin Curran. In preparing for this and the subsequent three classes devoted to the book, I read it for the fourth time. A multi-genre, multi-narrative grenade of a novel, MOPUS is a marvelous example of what some critics deem, negatively, "experimental."* [full disclosure: yr. poster is a friend of the author's but no advocate for anything but first-rate stories; I would brand any relative or acquaintance with a searing poker if their artistic efforts were sub-par]. The book was published a few years ago by Counterpath Press and you should order a copy. As I am a champion of thieves and thievery (but not plagiarists or plagiary), I would encourage you to steal this book but I wouldn't want to take money away from either the press or the author. Once you've plunged in, send me a note about your adventures with William the Silent, Asa, Bluebottle, and the gang. You might not want to return from the journey. J/C

*I deem most critics negatively so all's a happy balance.