Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Could the War on Drugs be the Next Fallen Idol?

Troops are massing at the border.

You hadn't heard?

Northern Mexico has been taken over by narco-terrorists. Police captains are beheaded. Citizens are carved up like steer. They cross the border to intimidate Mexicans in the US--and Americans in the US. They are more vicious than any drug gangs we have ever seen and they're on the verge of collapsing Mexico as a nation.

To protect the most vulnerable areas in Texas, Obama is seriously considering a posting of the National Guard. There's crazy talk of poisoning the Rio Grande.

These Mexican cartels are fueled by two things: the American demand for drugs; and the American supply of weapons.

Secretary of State Clinton has stated that years of failed drug policies have led to this looming disaster, and she is right.

What's needed?

Legalization, regulation, taxation. First and foremost: decriminalization. One wave of that wand and the entire structure of drug gangs takes a severe, not to say fatal hit. And America can finally admit to its needs--can stop living in the shadows.

The tax revenue won't hurt either.

Disclaimer: I don't take illegal drugs. But I understand the damage their criminalization causes.

Let's call an end to the insane, counterproductive, wasteful War on Drugs. Now, before it's too late.