Friday, November 24, 2006

Hail and Thanksgiving for 4 Essays!

Ah, dear readers in the NYC area, you are fortunate sons and daughters this Black Friday. Lay aside your frenetic materialism and, one hopes, evanescent consumerism to pick up 4 Essays, a samizdat-pamphlet-newspaper-glory that carries the inimitable, iconic voices of American liberty, Eliza Anne Bonney, Henry William Brownejohns, Alexander Swartout, and Jonathan Ephrain Underhill. Do these essayists ring your liberty bell? If so, you were a febrile reader like myself of Three Weeks, one of the finest independent, subterranean compendia of scrawlings I've ever pored over and through. Or "perused," in the rococo, satirical language of the abovementioned scribes. Are these names pseudonyms? Not your business. In any case, the debut issue of 4 Essays is out with takes on the Pope, the President, the phenomenolgy of fear, and "banning things." Jonathan Swift is whistling laughter through his cranium in a Dublin cemetery at the presence of this new paper, that captures his spirit and yet maintains its unique spirit and vision. Writing this amusing and engaging is a must. Put down that shopping bag and scrounge around Greenpoint, Brooklyn to track this treasure down. You can also write for a copy: Four Essays P.O. Box 220191 Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York 11222. You can also send an e-mail plea to Enjoy! Curley