Monday, November 27, 2006

message from Apocohipster Hashshashin terminally obsessively seeks?
souks,Hashchish dens o' inequity,
in wanderin' sands o' desert, twistin' dark sinister
alleys, wi'in terminal
emergency wards o' minds shattered by Robopathic
societus Control
Machine, in Mosques o' Ecstasy, in bombed out
cathedrals o' Church o'
Poisoned Mind, in esoteric texts blown down desolate
streets in these
wasteland Zones o' Planet Terror...what?...
one be quite aware it can't possibly be "identity"-for
too long one has been
Hip that that there delusion is yet another chain
wrapped around human
flesh by cretin meglomaniacs o' societus...
a "self"? a "soul"? ah,man,NO!!! don'GO there!!!
perhaps a turquoise tent o' sky lies as if a veil
above one's skull?
a piercin' orb o' sun sets one's flesh 'n' lusts
be there ever an oasis where one might even for a
moment rest?
must one's fate be damned t' this absurd bizarre quest
for unspeakable
unthinkable insatiable desires for unknown 'n'
unrealizable ???...
more than likely-yes!
I who have crawled out o' putrid womb o' a world
damned by its
mediocrity,banality, ennui,
hypocrisy,greed,self-destruct praxis...
precocious manchild delinquent, sinister
adolescent,Wild Boy maleslut
whore, demented exile from wars 'n' revolutions,
survivor o' Night's
adventures in drugs sex 'n' rock 'n' roll...
archaic authentic Hipster Vagabond spoutin' spoken
word rants
t' rats 'n' alleycats 'n' Punks 'n' Bikers 'n'
citizens fleein' horrors
they brought on themselves...
be there a soothe? a Coolthe? for any o' us?
I might be crazy but I ain't n'Fool! Man,like,I
wouldn' even begin t' attempt
t' try t' answer ANY question!
obviously there be NO answers!
indubitibly all one can hope for be
another quicksilver GypsyMoon t' illuminate one's
perhaps be blessed wi' caress o' other flesh
a break from this insidious bullshit "reality"!
draggin' oneself on
down these roads
vultures 'n' stormcrows circlin' one's skull
gallows beckonin' dare one make one stupid mistake
or guillotines
or Marines
or radioactive massive mushrooms
on horizon
soarin' at one
vampirizin' any vague hope o' tomorrow...

Hassan i Sabbah


PAUL BOWLES:"...Thus for a dedicated smoker,the
passage to the "other world" is
often a pilgrimage undertaken for the express purpose
of oracular consultation..."

Crescent Moon casts a sliver o' light
upon twistin' dark alleys
in labyrinthes o' NightSide
which Damned Embrace
upon ravaged Planet Terror
lunatic humanity spews forth
Mutant WildOne
chains 'n' spikes o' DADAPUNK
adorn heavy boots 'n' black leather rags
ANDROGYN-X Dervish O' Transgression
in terminal HEAT
longtongued 'n' obsessive LUST
boil wi'in his guts
flashfloods o' creativity
breakthru walls o' mind
fires burn t' ash
Robopathic slime o' Control Machine
embroyos dance in aquatic UFOs
"Mektoub,it be Written
'n' here I be!"
He hisses,like,King Cobra
muted hypnotic nuances
"I bring ya Anarchy! Sorcery!
Sensuality! Liberation!"

Hyenas devour icons
at Nightmare's Edge
maggots rats 'n' scorpions eat brainmeat
o' Robopathic cretins!
Babylon: Societus
Hell: "human" ekyisyence...

yet Tribes o' AModernist Vagabonds
Wild Tattooed 'n' Pierced
seminal Legacies
psyched on Haschisch 'n' lush
Kicks o' Flesh 'n' Altered Consciousness
Sinistre yet Possessed
by outraegeous tenderness
adversaries o' Death-eatin'
"pornographic" Rites in SOUKS
" Citizen be vile," says he
gigglin' hysterically
pukin' on "moral majorities"
'n' meglomaniac Robopathic creeds
he sprays mobs wi' bitter tears
o' Refugees
citizens melt like plastic
turn into naughahyde trees...

"MAN, yr " God" might as well be Dead!
Goddess Moon 'n' Horned God Rule!"
Underground ejaculates
Renegade 'n' Intrepid ApocoHipster Hashshashin Dervish
Vagabond Tribe:Collaboricide!!!
into this grotesque
soap opera sitcom "REAL TV"
they call "life"
insane sudden silence
horrified anticipation
masses o' Virus lurkin'
cravin' t' unleash their Plagues
cockroaches readin'
media hieroglyphics
o' Robopathic shit!
they're intensely afraid o' Renegade
somethin' in his eyes
unveils all transgressive Rebels
since lucifer lilith 'n' Cain
some ApocoHipster sneer
on Horny Goat lips
evokes chills
some insurrection o' leather
vibes o' ultra terminal alienation
'n' he comes wi' insidious Chants
orgiastic AModern Dances
"I'll give ya "truth"!
Blow yr asses away
wi' DADAPUNK HASHSHASHIN Runes 'n' Sigils!
I be some kind o' Astral Partisan
stroke ya wi'
Seditionary Passions!"

O Renegade Changeling
from amoeba t' Fallen Angel Manifest
no "THE BOOK" hype be this!
O Cain 'n' Lilith Villon Baudelaire Rimbaud
Lautreamont Artaud Genet Gysin Bowles
Eberhardt Burroughs Hakim Bey
Kathy Acker Hassan i Sabbah
Transgressive Hashshashins anonymous!
Rebop! Arabesque BeBop!
N'way they can stop
this Renegade!
There'll never be any weapons made
can ultimately annihilate this Freak!

Do Come
follow clouds o' haschisch smoke
in Moon Crescent illuminated
terminal NightSide
sacrifice the Lie
thus be you Phoneix
prowl 'n' howl wi' Renegades
strip off layers o' shuck
expose Naked Lunch
o' authenticity
they call this all a dream?!
Renegade screams:
"O d'ya come be wi' me?
D'y'really Desire t' be Free?
C'mon, let's Dance
terminally depraved!
There's nothin' o' which t' be afraid...
initiate marvelous metamorphosis
from Robopath human
into Madjoub Dervish o' Transgression ApocoHipster
anticopywrite:Apocohipster Hashshashin-2004
AKA: Gypsy James O'Toole