Monday, November 27, 2006

Right on!

Just finished reading Peniel Joseph's WAITING 'TILL THE MIDNIGHT HOUR: A NARRATIVE HISTORY OF BLACK POWER IN AMERICA. Dear readers, get your hands on this superb book. Joseph contextualizes the parallel movement of black power to the civil rights movement with a historian's exhaustiveness, a poet's pen, and perfect pitch. He undertakes a rigorous analysis and assessment which are even-handed and sympathetic to the myriad forms of ideology, practice, and personality that set the stage for a crucial aspect of the struggle for liberation in this country. If only all historiography was so adroitly penned. This is an exciting and instructive read; I hope it finds a wide readership. Moreover, I hope that readership looks back fondly at the kind of liberatory efforts that are now casually neglected or debased in the service of the moribund politics of this country in this moment. curley