Saturday, May 09, 2009


Apologies Readers & Comrades for being away from these computer-generated pages. The excuse and ruse have to do with my day-job working for a large financial institution, by which I mean an "university." The end-of-the-semester turmoil has passed, as have most of my students, so we can resume this silent dialogue.

In addition to making up for lost time and getting back to my backlog of books to be devoured, I am honoring the opus-organum of various authors in the next several months. So...I'll read or re-read Shakespeare's 37 plays, one after the other, and then maybe dash off to read G.B. Shaw in sequence, although I read all of his plays in disorder long ago. Then maybe I'll tend to all the Prefaces to his plays. Afterwards, the Bible, the Koran, and then...well, even if I get nowhere with this project, the spirit will remain, the spiritual protest against the magpie-like, attention-deficit-disordered reading habits of most contemporary denizens of our overwhelming media village. 'Tis time that we resurrect diligence, attentiveness, concentration, and critical scrutiny before those faculties are dissipated forever, becoming vestigial ornaments of a human mind no longer able to settle itself into deliberation and sensitivity. J/C