Thursday, May 21, 2009


This APAT!!! post is coming in one day early as I'll be on the road most of Friday. No Memorial Day weekend for me (and how could I observe a holiday for a country that replenishes its amnesia all too often?): a celebration, in part, for the publication of my father's new book, SAMUEL JOHNSON, THE OSSIAN FRAUD, AND THE CELTIC REVIVAL IN GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND." In ULYSSES, Stephen Dedalus muses that "paternity is legal fiction," which for the creative endeavor is true enough; however, I am very proud to be the son of Thomas M. Curley, a saint, scholar, and superman. His new book is just out and his birthday anniversary is tomorrow: a sweet convergence. Cambridge University Press is publishing Curley's new tome and it's only $95. Buy yourself a copy or else patricide, parricide, uxoricide, or infanticide might be visited upon you or someone very close to you. J/C