Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Other Night at the Ballpark

If a ballpark can be defined by the type of game played on its inaugural night, then the Mets' new Citi Field is going to be a comedy of errors for a long time to come. Can it be that the busted-down, bailed-out nature of its namesake bank has something to do with the rather silly doings on the field, and the unsightly loss the Mets were handed by the Padres?

Here are some of the odd, inauspicious things that happened:

-on the third pitch of the game, the opposing team hit a home run (never has happened before to inaugurate a park)

-shortly thereafter, the Met pitcher tripped and fell off the mound; then gave up four runs.

-after the Mets tied it up, a dropped ball in the outfield put a Padre on third; then an almost imperceptible balk brought home the go-ahead run

-a cat ran on the field

-a foul ball went through the screen and landed in the Mayor's lap

-the opposing catcher nearly tore a fan's head off trying to catch a ball in the stands (again, that flimsy screen)

-Duaner Sanchez, having been released by the Mets as useless, pitched an inning of scoreless relief against them.

-Heath Bell, having been traded by the Mets as useless, got the save against them.

The first day at Citi was not quite as bad as the last day at Shea (where they crumpled and lost a chance at the playoffs), but it gave it a run for its money.

Personally, I don't care how many Shake Shack burgers I can eat at the new ballpark--if the Mets don't show some spirit this year (they are 3 and 4), I am going to be looking for new things to do in the summer.

Also, not to be a terrible spoil-sport, but Jackie Robinson, while I totally respect his legacy, never played for the Mets so I am struggling to understand why they dedicated the rotunda to him. It somehow seems grafted on to the team in a wannabe kind of way. His history is as a Dodger. Why did the Mets decide to "adopt" him and I wonder what the Dodgers think of that.