Monday, April 20, 2009

Picasso's inspiration?

Pictured above is an illustration inside a Mozarabic Bible of the 10th century which is housed in the León Cathedral in León, Spain. It was created by Deacon John in 920 and written in parchment with Visigothic letters.

Many experts in the art world believe this Bible inspired Picasso's Guernica. Not only are there similarities between the horse and bull in the medieval illustration and the painting, but both images depict people on the left and right sides of the two animals. There's also an illustration inside the Bible of a lion with its tongue sticking out like a knife, which is very similar to the horse's tongue in Guernica.

This is an interesting discovery because the Bible was exhibited in Barcelona in 1929 and in Paris in 1937, thus making it possible that Picasso would have seen it and been inspired by it.