Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summer Pays a Visit

We are not done yet with April and Summer has snuck up behind us. It has snuck up so fast it has confused the summer creatures--the katydids, crickets, fireflies, mosquitoes, wasps--they make no sound in the April night. They are still cocooned perhaps in their nests, perhaps even roasting like so many croissants in tiny overheated ovens.

Today was in the high eighties and the trees, which have barely begun to blossom, took on a wilted August look. Tomorrow is supposed to break all records with something over 90 degrees. Once, I was in the Hudson Valley in July and it was the hottest place on earth at 106--hotter that day than Riyadh. The stunt fliers at the aerodrome wouldn't take the biplanes up--air too thin to support the spindly frames and fabric of the aeroplanes.

We are thinking of staying longer upstate--I am reading something in the Times about Swine Flu in New York City? Many schools in Mexico have closed and maybe we are next?

Not sure. I only know there is something wonderful and relaxing about blogging outdoors at night.